Electroluminescence—What it is and How it is Used

Chances are there are many items in your home which function due to electroluminescence.  However, you may not be aware of which items you own rely on it.  You might not even know what it is.  To learn more about it, read on. 

What is Electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence is a phenomenon where certain materials naturally respond to contact with electricity by producing light.  The light is produced without the production of heat—in cases where heat is produced, it is so minimal that the average person would be unable to detect it. 

Electroluminescence is made when electricity passes through a semiconductor made with small holes.  Excited electrons run over these small holes and are emitted into the air, becoming photons, which we perceive as light.

Minimal electricity is needed for this process to be complete.  As a result, technology relying on electroluminescence—such as LEDs—are among the safest and most energy efficient items available on the market.

Why is it Appealing?

Electroluminescence is appealing due to a wide variety of characteristics.  It has a very low level of power consumption, making the operation of devices utilizing EL technology cheaper for the owner and easier on the environment.  Items utilizing it can be produced as thin as paper, making it easy to integrate wherever it is needed.  These items are lightweight, flexible, and strong.  They are reliable over extended periods of time, much longer than traditional technology.  Up to 80% of the power consumed is transformed into light, making them highly efficient.  The light produced is soft enough to be gentle on the eyes over an extended period of time while still maintaining brightness.  And items relying on EL technology never get very hot.

How is it Used?

Electroluminescence is the science behind LED lights.  We rely on LEDs to power any light we need to ensure lasts for an extended period of time—sometimes for the entire life of a given product—without using large amounts of energy or giving off heat.  This makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of items.

Blinking toys for children are an ideal application of electroluminescence; the light will never get hot enough to harm the child and it will last for the full lifetime of the product.  Electroluminescent displays are becoming the dominant form of display utilized in electronics due to the low energy consumption, long life, and excellent picture produced. 

This technology is even making its way into the fashion world.  Using electroluminescent wire or flexible electroluminescent panels, designers are able to create glowing designs that feel positively futuristic.  This electroluminescent clothing is often used as club clothing, in movies and music videos, and also as safety gear for joggers and cyclists. 

If you are looking for items which utilize this incredible technology, contact Premiere Glow today.  They will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


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