Electronic Dance Clubs – What Makes Them Special and Where They Are

The music you will dance to in electronic dance clubs will be club music, better known as techno or electronic music. One element of dancing the night away at these clubs is definitely glow sticks.  What makes these dance clubs so special, aside from the pulsating music that your body can actually feel, is the use of glow sticks to wave around in time to the beat. 

Hip hop dance clubs are also putting glow sticks to good use as the dancers wave them around and create their own unique performances.  Electronic music began to come into its own in the 1980s and 1990s.  Glow stick dancing was soon to follow.  Soon the parties and dances were being called raves. These raves are well-organized, underground parties, that just selected people are invited to. They can go on all night long, with the partygoers dancing to techno, electronic, trance and/or hip hop music.  Thousands of people can be at a rave or just a select few.

The rave partiers wear gloves with LED lights on them, glow sticks on strings and other lighting effects as they dance wildly to the music, creating their own light shows.  The dance clubs or raves can get dangerous if drugs are involved or the crowds become enormous. But in the right atmosphere, they can be a lot of fun, especially when the glow sticks let everyone become creative.

Let me explain how to dance in clubs with electronic music and glow sticks.  There is a certain way to do it. If you know anything about breakdancing, you will immediately understand the moves. If you don’t know any breakdance moves, you can learn them. Just remember that you will be jumping around a lot to keep those glow sticks moving for best effects. You’ll want to be loose, wearing loose clothing and having relaxed limbs. Shake away your tension by warming up. Use your whole body to dance to the beat you’re feeling and hearing. If it’s slow, move slowly; fast, get moving more quickly. Look at the other dancers and see how they’re using their glow sticks to get the idea. Give yourself room to move and respect other dancers’ space.

There are some great dance clubs near me in New York City. If you live near a large city, you can find an electronic dance club near you, too.  The best dance clubs in the USA tend to be in large US cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. There are also fantastic dance festivals with glowing, blinking lights galore that you can find all over the world.  Barcelona in Spain has a festival that rivals our yearly Burning Man Festival. Germany hosts their Time Warp Festival.  And Scotland’s T in the Park has been going strong for twenty years now. 

If you’re planning on attending a dance festival, a rave or just going to an electronic dance club, come prepared with your glow sticks.  Smaller six-inch sticks are good because they’re easy to handle and twirl around, but anything goes!  Get your supply at premierglow.com by calling us now, before it’s too late, at 866-661-0145.


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