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Browse our selection of LED bracelets for your next special event.

Ideal for concerts, dances, or special events, flashing bracelets keep the party going. Choose from LED bracelets that are sound or motion activated so you can dance along to the beat of the music to punk bracelets to embrace your inner rocker.

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  1. Flashing Feather Bracelet
    Flashing Feather Bracelet*
    SKU : FN312
    Special Price $1.00 Regular Price $3.19
  2. Light up Magnetic Bracelets
    Light up Magnetic Bracelet*
    SKU : FN771
    Special Price $1.00 Regular Price $2.86
  3. Light up Spike Bracelet
    Light up Spike Bracelet
    SKU : FN513
  4. Spring Bracelet - Multi-Color
    Blinking Spring Bracelet
    SKU : FN637-MC
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