LED Headbands LED Headbands

LED Headbands

Wear your party hat loudly with light up headbands!

LED headbands come in a variety of styles for any theme party. Going for the Playboy bunny look at Halloween, an innocent princess for your daughter's birthday or ringing in New Years with fiber optics on your head? We carry a light up headband for your needs.

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  1. Light up Devil Horns
    Light up Devil Horns
    SKU : FN204
  2. Flashing Pink Bunny Ears
    Light up Bunny Ears Headband (Pink)
    SKU : FN205
  3. LED Angel Halo With White LEDs
    Light-up Flashing Angel Halo
    SKU : FN324
  4. Light-up Dreadlocks
    Light-up Dreadlocks
    SKU : FN374
  5. Flashing Bunny Ears - Black
    Flashing Bunny Ears (Black)
    SKU : FN227
  6. Light up Fiber Optic Mohawk
    Light up Fiber Optic Mohawk
    SKU : FN442
  7. Flashing Bow Headband
    Flashing Bow Headband
    SKU : FN530
  8. Green Flashing Bunny Ears
    Flashing Bunny Ears (Green)
    SKU : FN542
  9. Light up Princess Tiara
    Light up Princess Tiara
    SKU : FN547
  10. Light up Sequin Bow Tie Headband
    Light up Sequin Bow Tie Headband
    SKU : FN555