Flashing Bath Toys

For your little ones, bath time can be a whole lot of fun – it's not just about getting clean, it's about having a splash, playing with toys, and enjoying a different environment. As we get older, bath time becomes a relaxing experience, enjoyable in a different way, but many of us will remember playing with our favorite toys in the water & taking them on new adventures, or we may have had toys exclusively for use in the bath.

Bath toys aren't just fun – they can help develop a child's learning and teach them certain behavioral skills. Below, we take a look at some of the benefits bath toys and playing in the tub offer, so read on!

Builds Confidence in Water

Making bath time fun and exciting is a great way to help kids learn to be comfortable in water. As Mom and Dad or other caregivers need to be present for safety in those early bathing years, you should help the child enjoy their time bathing by getting involved with their playing. There are familiar and popular classics such as the rubber duck, the swimming figure or wind-up boats, but there are many other alternatives now. Why not try flashing bath toys such as bubble guns? Creating bubbles in the bath is huge fun, and if there's one for each of you in the room, you can play with them together. Various different designs are available, including sharks, dinosaurs and dolphins.

Helps Kids become Smarter

Studies have shown that playing water helps kids develop their cognitive skills, while also helping to encourage them to use their imaginations. As the water is a different playing surface than the floor of the family room or their sandpit, they will learn about floatation and submersion – maybe try submersible lights to really fascinate them.

Proves Distracting During Cleaning

Having flashing bath toys is a fantastic way to distract your little one while you shampoo their hair or wash them – if you're gentle enough, they will focus on their toys and enjoy themselves. Slowly, over time, you can help them become involved in cleaning their bodies and demonstrate how and why it's important, but while they're still very young, let them focus on enjoying themselves. This will also help them to build a connection between bath time and a pleasant experience, which will be a massive benefit when the time comes for them to wash alone.

At Premier Glow, we have a great range of flashing toys which can be used at bath time, all at competitive prices. Does your little one love bubbles (let's face it, most of them do!)? Then why not try one of our dolphin bubble guns? If you want to get in on the fun and encourage their play, you could buy a few and ensure you all have plenty of choice. If you want to know more about our range and delivery options, give us a call today – we look forward to hearing from you!


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