Flashing Eye Glasses - The Fun To Be Had

It might be 2014, but our fascination with flashing eye glasses shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, quite the opposite is true - light up eye glasses are now more popular than ever. They are the ultimate party starter; the kind of eye-catching instant hit that everyone notices and wants to be a part of. They are dazzling trend setters, and the talk of all parties. They are the ultimate in fun and we at Premier Glow, your number one shop for fun-filled accessories, provide quality products at bargain prices.


Flashing eye glasses are tailor made for that party you’re going to, or that club you’re popping into; they can be used by people of all ages, whether it be a kids birthday party of your friends’ eighties-themed thirtieth birthday celebration. They can even be worn shamelessly at a rave, and they can also add spice and fun to the selfies you take.

When we think about the next big event we’re celebrating, such as New Years Eve or Halloween, we can sometimes be stuck on what to wear or how to embrace the carnival atmosphere. There is literally no better way of not only joining in the fun but instigating it by getting out your light up eye glasses. Provided by Premier Glow, they come in various styles, including dollar sign flashing glasses, flashing martini sunglasses, and even guitar flashing glasses for the rock hero in you. Powered by LED lights, they are colourful, vibrant and rocking.

After all, nobody wants to be caught out for being a square. For any of us who want to inject life into a party, or who simply want to have a great night on the town, flashing eye glasses are the absolute perfect accessory. They rub off on others who want to join in your fun - everyone will want a pair! Worn by you and your friends on a night out, they spread the feel good factor, and the photographs they inspire go some way to helping to create lasting memories of that time you partied till you dropped.


They are also great for youngsters who want to wear them and run around pretending they’re a superstar, a rock ’n’ roll singer, or even an alien from outer space. Flashing eye glasses inspire kids to have a ball and they are always instant winners at their birthday parties. The children will trade them with one another, they’ll adopt character roles and, in short, have the time of their lives.

Premier Glow are the experts in delivering high-quality party accessories at low prices, and the deals we offer on flashing eye glasses are so good that if you blink, you may miss them. Visit our website today to find out more!


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