Flashing Toys – How many different ways can you use them?

Let's face it: glow-in-the-dark products are fun, whatever your age. Whether you're a little boy or girl lying in bed late at night with a book of luminous stickers, playing in your yard on a dark winter's afternoon with LED flashing toys, or you're at a gig with a set of glow sticks in each hand and a glowing band around your wrist, there really is something special about it.

While the glow sticks and wristbands mentioned earlier have been popular at gigs and in bars and clubs for years now, there's actually a huge selection of glow in the dark products and flashing toys wholesale on the market to serve a huge array of functions. Perhaps you're looking to take some friends out for a few rounds of night golf or want some fun kids flashing light toys ideas to keep your little ones amused in the bath? Well, there are now glowing and flashing bath toys and props out there for you.

Below, we'll take a look at just some of the ways toys with flashing lights and other glowing goodies can be used to put a fresh new spin on familiar situations. Read on for some awesome ideas you'll love!

Night Golf

Never heard of night golf? Relax – you're not the only one. However, this is becoming more and more popular all the time, with many companies now offering this as a special event. The rules are generally exactly the same, and the standard dress styles are still present (unfortunately, some might say), but you'll hit the course at night. This might sound like the game becomes impossible, but glow-in-the-dark equipment helps make this as much fun as ever.

Just imagine it: you're striding along the green, club in hand, enjoying the crisp fresh air. Ahead of you is a glowing marker indicating your next hole, clear as day in the dark, flashing in a brilliant blue or green. Your club also glows (thanks to the bands or sticks you taped to it), as do the balls – planning your shot, taking your swing and watching your ball soar towards its target is just as thrilling as ever. Only now, you get to enjoy it under a gorgeous blanket of stars, with the sounds of crickets chirping, just you and a few game-buddies.

Night golf gear is also pretty cheap – if you're looking to play at your local course, why not pick up a load to share with your group? Whether you're an expert or you're looking to do something a little different, it's sure to give you a night to remember. And who knows – maybe you'll even beat your best score playing at night than during day games!

4th of July Celebrations

For most Americans, the 4th of July is an occasion to celebrate. Independence Day is famous the world over, and ex-pats in other countries still feel enough of a connection to mark such a massive part of their homeland's history. Whether they celebrate with fireworks, with a barbecue, a nice meal or just by spending time with their family, Independence Day is special. If you want to dress up to mark the occasion, you could try adding some glow-in-the-dark pieces or even flashing toys to bring some color to your outfit.

There are glowing flags, hats (bearing the patriotic red, white and blue of the flag), ball spinners, necklaces, wands, and glasses for you to make your mark in the dark. These are great if you're having a low-key family get together in your yard as evening falls, and fun for everyone to enjoy. They can also blend in with any candles or electric lights you have to illuminate the occasion – try mixing and matching colors to really make your yard stand out. These will also be great for any younger members of the family. Try fascinating them with a set of glowing tumblers, or put on a silly flashing headband for them to enjoy.

Bath Toys

No matter how old you are, bath toys are always fun. Whether you're trying to persuade your little ones to take a bath or you want to give them a reason to stay in there a little longer, toys can amuse them as they're getting thoroughly cleaned. As adults, we like bath toys because they're cute and remind us of younger days, and how fun playing in water can be.

Flashing toys, in a darkened bathroom, bring that fun back to bath time. Bubble guns in the shape of whales, dolphins or other aquatic animals make a fun game, whether you're alone or not. You can also jazz bath time up with some light-up submersible candles – put them under the water and watch as they fill the bath with a stunning glow.

Of course, if you want to, you can add other toys, too – flashing swords, glowing wands, even some funky bright glasses can all make getting clean better than ever!


For anyone who likes to go to gigs on a regular basis, waving glow sticks or your light-up wristband in the air as your favorite bands play helps you show your support for, and appreciation of, the music – when the performers look out and see thousands of lights in a darkened hall or twilit arena, it shows them just how many people are there, for their act. From your perspective in the crowd, just one of those thousands, there's something magical about seeing a sea of glowing lights all around you, particularly if they're swaying in time to the music.

So, why not go prepared with your own glow sticks and other luminous items? There's so much choice now to really make yourself stand out in the crowd. You can wear glowing glasses, glowing gloves, glowing lanyards – cover yourself in gear and light up the darkness all by yourself. You could even maximize the effect by wearing luminous clothing to really stand out – just make sure you don't go overboard!

Bar Decorations

While neon has been a staple of many bars for decades now, adding glowing bar fixtures of accessories is a fantastic way to add color in a darkened space and lend the space a unique flavor. Your customers will love the look and feel your combination of low lighting and brightly-colored barware, so be sure to employ a little creative thinking. You can add flashing tumblers, flashing ice cubes, glowing straws, LED shooter glasses and even light-up cocktail shakers – this will all look sensational, and fill your bar with gorgeous color.

This also works whatever the style of your bar and your clients – you can use flashing margarita glasses for the sophisticated lady, or you can offer glowing beer glasses for a group of guys enjoying the ball game in the corner. Why not add other accessories to your bar to match all these? You could leave glowing bubble guns or glowing glasses to allow customers to really get involved and make the most of the darkness. Using a black light will really make these stand out and heighten the visual contrast between light and dark. Try it and see! You could even place submersible candles in a few pitchers of water around the room to create bright, unusual light fixtures people will remember.

Fancy Dress

Whether you're dressing up for Christmas, your birthday, or Halloween, glow in the dark pieces can make your costume really stand out. Flashing headbands, glowing ghost necklaces, eyeball headbands, reindeer headbands, flashing snowman necklaces, horns and more can all help you look special, whatever the occasion. Imagine at Halloween, answering the door to trick or treaters with a set of glowing fangs in your mouth in a darkened hallway, with no porch light – kids will love it! At Christmas, when heading out for a few celebratory drinks, adding some color to your outfit with a set of flashing antlers or a flashing snowflake headband – it's sweet, it's cute, it's fun.

This is one of the best things about fancy dress, too – the more color, the better. You have limitless options, whether you want to be a character from a favorite film, book, TV show or video game, or you want to just make the silliest outfit you can. Adding glowing accessories to any costume will make sure you look eye-catching, vibrant and absolutely committed to being festive!

More fun ideas …

Looking for more inspiration on how to get the most out of your flashing toys and glowing bits and pieces? Well, look no further than our great bunch of hints and tips below – by the time you're through reading these, you'll be overflowing with ideas!

Add more to your night golfing ...

Okay, so you've got yourself a nice collection of glowing necklaces, glasses, wristbands, tumblers, swords and more great stuff – what can you do now? Well, if you're up for a game or two of night golf, as we mentioned earlier, maybe you could go out onto the green and add more color. Depending on the company you're golfing with, you might be able to bring on some drinks in your glowing tumblers, cover yourself in glowing bands and necklaces (this certainly reduces the likelihood of being hit by a ball because the player “couldn't see you in the dark”!). This will all add to your game and make the evening even more fun – especially if you take photos to enjoy later!

Let your talent shine through …

You could also try making a video of yourself playing with flashing toys or glowing accessories in a darkened room, or under a black light. This way, you'll be able to create amazing effects (particularly with glowing fangs or gloves) which only become even more interesting in playback. Try slowing the frame rate down to capture arcs of colored light moving back and forth, or making the glows even more vivid. If you felt ambitious enough, you could try to put your own spin on the 'neon dancers' featured in 2014's Britain's Got Talent . You never know – do this well enough and you might just become a YouTube sensation!

One for the kids ...

Having a kids' party? Why not let them play in the dark for a while using a great selection of flashing toys and glow in the dark toy weapons! They'll have a fantastic time swinging glowing swords, pretending to shoot glowing guns – maybe even create a story for them to play out and give prizes for all those who go along with it the best.

Put on a gig to remember …

Setting up your own gig? Playing at a pub or bar with little space to make a set? Glowing props could be your solution to ensure a unique, stylish show. Simply set up some glowing bands here and there, hand out a few glowing tumblers, wear glowing glasses and headpieces – even try to persuade the audience to don some of your pieces. Provided you can persuade the owner or manager of the venue to drop the lights enough to work (which they often do for ambiance anyway), this should help your performance stand out from the norm. Confetti cannons can also add to your performance – either fire them off yourself towards the end of your gig, or ask a few well-placed friends around the room to set them off now and then. This way, you'll help add to the power of your music, and also encourage the idea that other people in the audience are enjoying your show enough to bring the cannons out!

Whatever you need flashing toys or glowing products for, here at Premier Glow we're dedicated to bringing you the best selection at the best prices. We stock only the best-quality items for a vast range of occasions and events – hats, gloves, headbands, tumblers, toys: it it glows, it goes on our site. As simple as that. We stock over 500 brilliant items, and always have some on sale – you can pick up a bargain, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Want to know more about our range? Want to discuss your ideas for making the most of our flashing toys and glowing gear? If you're looking for bulk supplies and want to order regular large consignments of our products, why not ask us about setting up a wholesale account? Just feel free to get in touch now – we're happy to talk and offer all the help we can. 


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