Flashing Toys Wholesale

Buying wholesale is a smart plan for many businesses. Wholesale orders  usually save money over time (compared to regular orders of smaller consignments) and makes sure you have the products you need, when you need them. Whether you own a bar, a club, a music venue, a kids' play center or even a golf course, buying flashing toys wholesale offers you the chance to stock up on a wide and varied range of glowing goodies for your customers, at competitive prices, without having to worry about under-ordering.

Why should I consider buying wholesale?

As we mentioned earlier, buying in bulk generally works out cheaper than buying in smaller quantities. Now, this may not be an option for every business – some may be  unable to order large deliveries and so have to pay the standard amounts for smaller deliveries – but for those with budgets large enough to consider it, wholesale supply may be the way to go.

Think about it: if you pay for a larger order than you may typically have expected, you will be able to sell each item on at a higher rate than you paid for it – the more items you order, the lower the cost becomes. If you will be selling flashing toys to kids at an amusement center or a bowling alley in high numbers, then you can expect to make your money back on an item by item basis. Likewise, if you buy hundreds of glowing lanyards to sell at your club or music venue, then you can set a rate which, while still cheap for the buyer, will help you make a profit in a quick and simple way. Before you buy in bulk, you should be sure that you'll be able to sell the purchased items on to your customers at a fair price to justify the order – try testing the water first.

What kind of flashing toys can I buy?

We have a huge range of options for businesses across all sectors of industry, with more than 500 products in our extensive catalog. For example, night golf is becoming more and more popular nowadays, with courses opening later to provide special games using glowing hole markers, glowing balls and more to put an exciting twist on a classic game. Glowing wrist bands have always been popular at gigs and in clubs, but now there's even more choice: sticks, headbands, glasses – you name it. If you own a course and are running night games to great success, buying accessories in bulk could be ideal.

Flashing toys wholesale are fantastic for kids in specific establishments, too. Glowing swords, toy guns and more can all fascinate young minds and, if the product's cheap enough, their parents are likely to buy, especially if the venue itself is tailored for families on special days out. Buying wholesale is ideal for seasons you expect to be busier, too – you don't want to find yourself with only ten flashing toys in stock when a queue of fifty parents is building in front of you.

Premier Glow offers wholesale accounts at competitive rates. Why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities? We understand the complexities of managing stock and ordering in bulk, so once you set up a wholesale account, you can enjoy large orders to suit your specific needs. 


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