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If you want to infuse some energy into your next party or event, nothing works quite like our glow products. Our extensive selection of glow necklaces, sticks, eyeglasses and more can liven up any function, and we can provide them in huge quantities and at affordable prices. Whether you’re buying a few glow sticks for your kid’s next trick-or-treat excursion or 100 glow necklaces for a massive dance party, Premier Glow is your source for glow novelties and products that can bring your next event to life.

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  1. Glow Straw
    Glow Straw
    SKU : GD01
  2. 6" Glow Sticks
    6" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 6GSIW
  3. 4" Glow Sticks
    4" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 4GSIW
  4. 10" Glow Sticks
    10" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 10GSBK
  5. 12" Glow Sticks
    12" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 12GSIW
  6. 15" Light Sticks
    15" Light Sticks
    SKU : 15GSIW
  7. Jumbo 1.5" Glow Sticks
    Jumbo 1.5" Glow Sticks
    SKU : P1MGS
  8. 1.5" Mini Glow Sticks  (50/pcs)
    1.5" Mini Glow Sticks
    SKU : 1MGS
    Out of stock
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11 Items

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