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It's our goal to supply premium quality glow sticks that are 100% safe, sold at wholesale prices.

Finding a spark or learning about glow sticks for your next special occasion, event or party is easy. We carry glowsticks for party's, campouts, emergency situations, power outages, entertaining, bowling alleys, no worries we got you covered!

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  1. Twister Glow Sticks (13 inches)
    Twister Glow Sticks (13 inches)
  2. Glow Straw
    Glow Straw
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  3. 6" Glow Sticks
    6" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 6GSIW
  4. 4" Glow Sticks
    4" Glow Sticks
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  5. 10" Glow Sticks
    10" Glow Sticks
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  6. 12" Glow Sticks
    12" Glow Sticks
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  7. 15" Light Sticks
    15" Light Sticks
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  8. Fat 1.5" Glow Sticks (50/pcs)
    Jumbo 1.5" Glow Sticks
    SKU : P1MGS
  9. 1.5" Mini Glow Sticks  (50/pcs)
    1.5" Mini Glow Sticks
    SKU : 1MGS
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Invented in the 1960s, glow sticks have been a popular product for special events and parties since their creation. However, in the past several decades, glow sticks have grown to encompass a variety of other glowing products that add new twists on an old favorite. No matter what the focus of your special occasion or business is, we are proud to provide safe and affordable glow sticks for clients of all sizes. We have a variety of glowing products, from traditional sticks to straws and other twists on an old favorite.
While variety is one of the benefits of shopping from us, if you’re looking for the classic light sticks you remember as a kid, you’ll find them in our online catalog, too. We have a wide selection of glow sticks in all kinds of colors, so you can coordinate the sticks you buy with your special event’s theme. Simply select from our available colors when you add the glow sticks to your cart, or select assorted to get a variety of colors. From aqua and green to red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple, it’s easy to find a great glow stick for your party. Our glow sticks also come in a range of sizes, making it easy to tailor them to children and adults of all ages. Our one-and-a-half or four inch glow sticks are perfect for a smaller option, but our sizes range up to ten, twelve, or even fifteen inches. Our mini glow sticks also come in a jumbo option, giving you a wider glow stick than traditional diameters. You can also purchase “soft” glow sticks from us, which are glow sticks encased in a soft foam that are getting increasingly popular. Any of these kinds of glow sticks are right at home at raves or other special events where the light will be low. They all last between six and twelve hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy their neon light for plenty of time.
Of course, sometimes you want something a little extra special to give guests when they come to your party. In these types of situations, purchasing glow jewelry is a great way to go the extra mile while still having the neon look everybody has come to know and love from traditional wands. From glow bracelets to a glow necklace, there are plenty of options for wearing your glow stick to make a fashion statement. A glowing necklace or bracelet may also be a great option to give younger children when they go out on Halloween door to door. Being seen by other pedestrians and traffic makes wearable fashion a fun and safe way for parents to send their trick-or-treaters out with a little more peace of mind.
In addition to being safe, we only source high-quality products. This means that you won’t have to worry about a connector breaking and losing your glow necklace on the dance floor. When you buy from us, you can head out to your event with the knowledge that you’ll end the night with the same accessories you left with. You also don’t need to worry about any cracks in your accessories.
When it comes to pricing our glow sticks and accessories, we offer incredibly-competitive pricing. If you’re looking for bulk glow sticks, you’ll be impressed by how affordable our products can be at wholesale prices. Some sizes are available for as little as $0.30 a piece, so you can get your high volume orders filled for your business without spending an arm and a leg. For all your party accessory needs, you’ll be impressed with the quality, cost, and service we provide.

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