Night Glow Golf Balls - Golf Balls With A Twist #3

Night golf bears some similarities to ordinary golf. One of the areas where the two differ is with the golf balls. One of the major appeals of night golf for some is the fact that they can use glowing golf balls. These colorful, glowing balls, when struck through the air at night, provide an amazing effect and experience that few other activities can match. When the sun is down and the moon is up, with the sky at a perfect pitch black, the dazzling, scintillating view of a glowing golf ball scything its way through the night sky is more than enough reason for many golfers to say they prefer night golf to ordinary golf.

This aesthetic achievement by the makers of night glow golf balls is matched and complimented by the sheer technological achievement. Nowadays, you can buy LED night golf balls, which provide electrifying colors that illuminate the whole experience. These LED balls, as well as the rest of the glowing golf balls canon, cannot quite match ordinary golf balls for quality. Indeed, most night golf enthusiasts will readily admit that they cannot hit a glow ball quite as far as they can an ordinary golf ball. But what you lose in quality, you make up for in aesthetics and pure visual enjoyment.

Like a rave at a night club, where a darkened club is lit only by an array of choreographed, dazzling visuals, night golf is brightened and illuminated by the arresting effects of the visuals, provided in no small part by the glowing golf balls. A static golf ball, stuck in the green, is not going to bring anyone visual enjoyment. But when the ball is struck down a lit up fairway, which houses its own marvelous set up of lights, the picturesque scene allows one’s enjoyment to peak.

Although an evening of night golf can be illuminated by much more than just glowing golf balls - night golf supplies that can brighten your course include glow sticks, glowing tee markers, as well as LED yardage markers - it is perfectly easy to enjoy an evening of night golf with just the balls providing your source of light. These balls come in a variety of colors, and it is recommended that each player arrives with a different colored ball from everyone else so that everyone knows which belongs to which player. The glowing balls can also be purchased for very reasonable prices, but it is important to take care when purchasing as the quality of glowing balls differs from one supplier to another.

Premier Glow has been providing night golf supplies to satisfied customers for several years. We provide a professional, consummate service, and our glowing golf balls, which includes our Pro Glow range are unmatched the quality they provide. You can order in bulk for extremely low prices, and we also offer an array of other quality night golf products. Please visit our website for more information.


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