Cannons at a party?   No way!  Well that’s a reaction a lot of people could have on hearing the word cannon itself, but not in this case.  Are you wondering what all the hype is about and exactly what are these handheld confetti cannons?  Well, these confetti cannons are long tubes filled with paper confetti which has a spring and is CO2 powered.  They come in various sizes starting from 8 inches to 40 inches.  One can chose from sizes like 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 40 inches. You can also avail of them in two types:  multi-color / shaped and the wedding confetti red / white rose petals.  All these handheld confetti cannons have a good launching height depending on their size and the type of spring installed in them.  Once launched, the confetti spurts out filling the air around with colorful bits of paper adding a beautiful effect and also adding a very colorful touch to your special event.  By adding glamour and festivity to the moment, your event will be the talk of town.

 Since the cannons are so easy to carry around they are being used now on numerous occasions such as birthday parties.  The precise moment to make use of this product is when the cake is being cut.  Many people even pop open this surprise cannon when the birthday boy or girl enters the room for his or her surprise party that has been organized by family and friends.  Girls turning sweet sixteen love to have guests popping handheld confetti cannons over their heads as these special females make their grand entrance.  For wedding guests it’s a pleasure to have wedding confetti cannons explode over  the newly wedded couple who can now mark their most memorable and precious moment in the history of their life with these innovative product.

 Confetti and its usage have been known for a long time.  But this marvelous joyful colorful confetti popper is a very popular item that can be ordered online.  With a wide variety of party products that our website offers, you can even add various other items along with handheld confetti cannons.  As a customer who is interested in purchasing any of our products, you simply need to visit our website and select the type and the size of the handheld confetti cannons you wish to purchase and register the quantity that you need for your event.  Then all you have to do is proceed to make the payment and provide your address.  That’s it!  Once all of these easy steps have been completed, you are well on your way to acquiring one of the hottest selling popular party products.

 These bursting cannons add fun and uniqueness to any event.  Nowadays it’s even being used at grand openings of new showrooms, shops, bars, lounges and restaurants.  The handheld confetti cannons are a must have party product for ushering in the New Year when the clock strikes 12 midnight.  Some people feel that by springing open these vibrant cannons, the colorful confetti floating over the crowd is their way of saying goodbye to the year that has passed as they await the coming year that will be filled with colors of joy, similar to the wide array of colors in the confetti.  As these gorgeous small pieces of confetti shower around everyone the people truly feel that the coming year will be happy and colorful and all their positive vibes do help to bring hope and joy to their heart.


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