LED Candles – Familiarizing Yourself With A Light of Information

Candles are solid masses of wax with a wick fixed in the center to provide light and in some cases; candles are also used to provide heat. Historically, candles were also used as a method of reading time. A heat source is required to light the wick of the candle for it to burn. The candle flame is a constant flame that provides adequate heat for the candle to stay burning.

Evolution of Candles        

Before electric lighting was invented, oil lamps and candles were the only source of light illumination. In fact, candles are still used in areas without electricity even today. With so many changes taking place in technology, candles have evolved from mere light and heat sources to ornamental items that are used mainly to provide visual value and pleasant fragrances through the room – especially when looking to create a warm and romantic ambiance. But that’s not the only use for candles – today, they continue to be used as sources of emergency lighting during electrical failures. Religious purposes also call for the use of candles on various occasions as a sign of spiritual significance. Scented candles are even used for aromatherapy.

While candles were originally used as sources of light, heat and time, today they have transitioned into pure decorative items that enhance the aesthetics of the home or office environment. In fact, candle making as an industry has become a popular industry, with many artists using it as an opportunity to express their individuality and creativity.

Candles are so versatile that they can easily be tailored to everyone’s taste and personality. From traditional wax candles to scented candles to LED candles, candles have evolved from mere functional pieces to visually attractive decorations that create a special ambiance in any room they are placed in.

Candles have transitioned from mere light sources to refreshing an entire room with their fragrant aromas. Candle aromas have gone from simple rose and vanilla to complex fragrances that stimulate the senses. With the introduction of new fragrances, candle making creativity has leap frogged, not just with traditional candles, but with LED candles as well.

An Introduction to Light Emitting Diode (LED) Candles

LED candles or flameless candles are the electronic substitute to traditional wax candles. Available in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes, they are meant to be used as visual lighting devices to recreate beautiful candle lighting without the need for burning wax and creating a mess. Since LED candles are illuminated by small light bulbs, rather than open fire flames, they are less susceptible to potential fire hazards and do not lose their shape. Unlike traditional candles that completely melt after they have been burning for a while, LED candles maintain consistent form – bringing long-term durable value to the user.

Since they are primarily used as decorative forces, the designs of LED candles are relatively versatile. The body of the candle is usually cylindrical in shape with different height sizes to run a flame shaped LED light that is placed on the top of the cylindrical candle. But there’s no rule that a candle must be cylindrically shaped – today candles can be made in all shapes and sizes as decorative items.

Most manufacturers use the LED lights with a flicker or twinkling effect to mimic the effervescent flow of an original candle flame. The body of LED candles can be made from various substances and materials; including wax to maintain it’s resemblance to regular candles. Since LED lights do not have as much heat as fire flames, wax based LED candles don’t melt and maintain their shapes for prolonged usage.

Some LED candles may even be scented to serve as air fresheners and lighting devices. Some are designed for internal use, while others are designed for purely outdoor usage – outdoor LED candles contain features like insect repellent to protect the users from the attack of pests in the great outdoors. Some other additional features are integrated times, air treatment tools and remote control switches to provide additional value to the LED candles.

Safety Features of LED Candles

LED Candles have been specifically designed to eradicate the requirements for traditional open flame candles – thus reducing the fire hazard possibilities. It may be worth keeping in mind that though they do not produce any heat on the outside, the bulb inside the candles may heat up. In some cases, there may even be battery related injuries to children, such as ingestion.

LED candles as electric lighting devices are safe, durable and an accurate looking substitute to traditional open flame candles. They may be made from various materials like plastic and traditional candle wax to give it a more authentic look. Made from traditional wax, they continue to emit the same pleasing light as a traditional candle would, but since the wax doesn’t melt without an open flame, LED candles are safer and less hazardous.

Lighting of LED Candles

The glow of the LED candles or LED window candles flame is similar to the color and volume of a real flame. Many modern LED candles have effects that simulate actual flame movement, such as flickering and twinkling to add a touch of realism to them. Most of the time LED candles can be safely left alone with no big risk or threat involved.

The light bulbs inside LED candles can be made in various colors to match the décor of any environment. Some of them are replaceable, so you can choose different types of light colors on different occasions.

Advantages of LED Candles

Though fluorescent, incandescent and LED lights are main light sources today, it’s hard to deny the visually pleasing effects of candle light. The soft glow of a burning candle creates a welcoming atmosphere that standard lighting will not be able to produce. LED candles are so similar to traditional candles that you wouldn’t ever notice the difference between one and the other – except for the advantages that LED candles bring to the table.

A regular wax candle will melt when lit – scorching liquid wax will leak and cause a mess in your room. How many people have you heard complain about their favorite dining table needing repairs or even replacement because the wax has ruined its finish? Some candles even emit black smoke that taints ceilings and walls – at the same time requiring watchfulness to prevent any possibilities of fires. LED candles are dripless and are designed to look like traditional burning candles – without the associated danger. The wick of the LED candle is characteristically placed inside the body of the candle, so it looks like the candle has been slightly burned. This conceals the LED light from full view – the top portion flows, giving the candle a translucent wax appearance. Since LED candles simulate actual fire flames, they give all the advantages of traditional candles, while eliminating the disadvantages – that’s why they have soared in popularity today.

LED candles are perfect for recreating a soft and inviting party atmosphere.  They can be placed on top of mantles, countertops and shelves to add to the party atmosphere. The best part is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors for late night barbecues and pool parties. Since there are no real flames, you won’t have to worry about gusty winds blowing the candle flame out. They are resistant to external weather conditions like rain and wind – quite unlike their traditional counterparts.

Versatility of LED Candles

LED candles are so versatile that they can be used in multiple locations for light and ambiance.

  • You can place them on the dining table to recreate a candle light dinner with your family or date.
  • You can add a touch of ambiance lighting to your bedroom and fabricate a romantic bedroom environment.
  • You can decorate your bathroom for giving you a warm and cozy feel while you’re in the bathtub.
  • You can place them in your children’s bedroom to give them a warm soft nightglow without any worry of fire dangers.
  • You can present them to your friends and loved ones on their birthdays and anniversaries. 
  • You can use them to light up your night barbecue or pool party without worrying about fire hazards.

Some LED candles can be recharged, while others have standard batteries installed in them. They can easily be purchased online from stores like Premier Glow that sells LED candles wholesale or individually for attractive prices.  LED candles are perfect for people who love the look of candles and need something new and interesting.

LED candles can be enjoyed in any type of environment – whether you are indoors or outdoors. You won’t have to worry about small spaces, gusty winds and heavy rain. The flickering LED lights are safe and flame-free – facilitating a beautiful candlelight ambiance – no matter where you are.

Energy Efficient LED Candles

The warm glow of LED candles creates a welcoming environment that standard lighting simply can’t replicate. One of the most convenient reasons of using LED candles is that LED lights require very little electricity or charge to operate – that means less time necessary for recharging the candle and longer intervals between purchasing new batteries – and eventually more time available for lighting up the place.

Power consumption of LED candles is very low in comparison to other sources of electrical light like incandescent bulbs. Rechargeable and battery operated LED candles are able to stay lit all day and all night. LED candles can also be placed anywhere, regardless of whether there is a power source.

Today, LED candles mimic the look of a regular wax candle – providing the same type of flickering light. The top of the candle is a bulb that reproduces the light from a regular candle flame. Though there are several different models, an LED candlewick is usually placed inside the body of the candle to make it appear like the candle is partly burned. It is also possible to decorate the candles in various ways to further the illusion that LED candles are actually traditional candles – that’s how much they have evolved over years.

LED candles have set the industry in a tailspin with their innovative features and safety benefits – more and more manufacturers are joining the race to provide high-featured LED candles to the ever-demanding public. Candles have always been in fashion, but it seems like LED candles are painting a whole new light for the way we perceive them. 

So whether you’re looking for a candle for your wedding table centerpiece, home décor, wedding favors, backyard or even basic functionality – LED candles are in fashion. With so much adaptability, you can choose whether you want plastic-made LED candles or real hand shaped wax candles to add to your collection.

Stay enthralled with the dancing LED flames and reuse your lit candles time and again for any occasion and at any location – whether you’re entertaining outdoors, using them in children’s rooms or even at your dinner parties. It’s no secret that people are slowly replacing the traditional counterparts with these flameless wonders for their durability, safety and aesthetics. Moreover, LED candles can also come with remote control technologies that enable you to control the flame light even from a distance – this is a great feature for lounge rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Remote controls also enable a choice of different lighting choices to adjust candle brightness. They also include timers to automatically shut off after a certain time. Since they look and feel like traditional candles, it’s very easy to recreate the natural soft and warm atmosphere you are looking for – synonymous of a traditional candle, without worrying about ‘artificial’ lighting.

Flameless LED candles are the ideal choices for elder people, new parents and outdoor diners – especially in summers where fire hazards are heightened. They are generally windproof and safe for children and pets. Since there are many colors and options to choose from, LED candles can be purchased to match any type of décor and style.

Now that you’ve decided that LED candles are the perfect lighting solution for you and your family, you must be able to purchase them from a reliable source that offers a plethora of choices at attractive prices. If you are looking for a reliable LED candle distribution company, look no further than Premier Glow for all your LED candle needs. Simply log on to the website www.premierglow.com and get the details for LED candles you are looking for. If you need more information about their services and offerings, contact their customer service team at (866) 661-0145. Their passionate representatives will get back to you with all the information you need to make your purchases. When you choose Premier Glow, you can rest assured knowing that you have purchased the best quality candles at the most reasonable prices in the market – so don’t be afraid to log on and get your LED candles today.


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