LED Flashing Toys

If you're planning to have a kids' party for your own little ones – perhaps as a birthday celebration, or just as an excuse to spoil them – you might be struggling for ideas. How can you keep them all amused? What games can they and their friends play together? Whatever they're into, there are some classic games that all kids' parties need  – and why not put an interesting, fun twist on them by adding flashing toys and glowing goodies?

That's right. If you're sitting around with the kids, why not make the room a little bit darker than usual and add LED flashing toys to make the games a little special? You can take any standard kids' game, drop the lighting, and bring a cool new element in – they'll love it. As always, make sure your kids are supervised at all times, and all games have been set up for maximum safety. If playing any active games, it's perhaps best to do this before eating (especially cake), or wait an hour or so after eating – just to be on the safe side!

Pass the Parcel

Which one of us hasn't played this game before and loved it? It's fun, it's exciting, and if you win, you feel really special (no matter what the prize is). Most kids love to play this, especially if they know there's a great prize up for grabs. Playing with the lights dimmed and a flashing toy inside makes it even more exciting – why not use slightly thinner paper, or colored tissues, so the kids can see the toy flashing the closer they get to it?

Treasure Hunt

This is always s a fun game – maybe split the kids into teams, or let them search on their own, and place a few exciting prizes around your home and yard. Again, if you play when it's dark, storing flashing or glowing toys in hidden places will add a great new twist. Perhaps leave clues on paper wrapped in glowing bands, or create trails with glowing golf balls.

Musical Chairs

Play this in a darkened room and place glowing bands or flashing toys, “Flashing Toys”] on each chair, so the kids can use the light to guide them to a  seat. Just be sure there's still enough light for the chairs to remain visible, and space them out well enough to avoid any little accidents!

Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek in a dark house can be a brilliant game for any kids' party. One great idea is to make the seeker wear a glowing wrist band or carrying a glow stick – that way, all the hiders will see them coming! The hiders could always wear a glowing or flashing item too, encouraging them to find the absolute best hiding place they can!

Here at Premier Glow, our massive range of LED flashing toys features over 500 unique products for kids of all ages to enjoy! Our prices our highly competitive, and we supply only the best quality goods. If you want to discuss setting up a wholesale account or delivery times, just give us a call now – we look forward to hearing from you!


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