Welcome to a world filled with lights and colors…  Imagine hosting a party that is aglow with so many colors coming from different directions, music blaring, people dancing and tiny bubbles floating around you!  Sounds good?  Well, you no longer need to imagine this, you could actually host a party like this and welcome all of your guests to this unique ambience.  This can be achieved with a little bit of organization.  Gather up your guests, order some food, have great music and provide your guests with a light up bubble gun.  An innovative product, this light up bubble gun not only that lightens up your mood, but it also livens up your party, ambience and festivities.  It adds a special touch to any place where it is used, providing the atmosphere a more joyful and colorful scenic look. 

 How does a light up bubble gun do such wonderful things?  Well the answer is very simple.  This lovely plastic bubble gun is a battery operated item and comes with beautiful small colorful lights that light up when the trigger is pulled.  The batteries provide this light up bubble gun the power so that the small multicolored led lights can illuminate the ambience and light up.  You also need to attach the liquid bubble and once you squeeze the trigger,  hundreds of colorful bubbles start forming and spurt out of the nozzle of this enchanting light up bubble gun.  In previous times, when bubbles were used by children to play with, the kids needed to blow into a plastic hoop dipped into a soapy liquid.  With this gun, you need not waste any efforts blowing away.  Simply press the trigger and the gun sends forth a burst of bubbles all around you. 

 Light up bubble gun as well as flash bubble gun is now being used in various places and for different uses.  Kids love to play with as it is very attractive and let’s admit it… kids and adults both love to play with soap bubbles and as an added bonus it’s a gun that lights up.  Nowadays at many school events or programs many people are using this marvelous light up bubble gun to add a magical atmosphere to the event.  Buying a couple of light up bubble guns online from our website and then using them during the social event is much better and economical then hiring expensive soap bubble emitting machines that only emits bubbles.  This amazing light up bubble gun releases soap bubbles into the air and creates the desired setting to blend in with the theme of any event.  Experience the bliss of color and light as well as the true enjoyment of a colorful ambience that will perk up any event.  Your party will be the talk of the town when your guests see the great products that you have acquired to make your party a roaring success. 

 Wedding planners love using a bubble gun.  The each guest who attends the wedding is given light up bubble gun as an accessory to be used in celebrating the wonderful joyful union of individuals.  These guests release hundreds of soap as the newly wedded couple walk past amid cheering and well-wishing family and friends.  You can acquire this product simply by logging on to our website and placing your order in a matter of a few minutes, thus saving your time so that you can organize other things for your spectacular event.  Light up your life, mood, festivity and spirit with this light up bubble gun.


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