Light Up Eye Glasses

We at Premier Glow have something of a fascination with lights. We firmly believe that a party is not a party without glowing, dazzling, vibrant, ephemeral lights that make shapes in the night, catching everyones attention. This is why we are committed to providing a vast array of fun-filled party accessories that light up the proceedings. Whether you want to kick start the party, immerse yourself in it, or pick things up when they are slowing down, we provide something for all occasions, from Christmas to Halloween, Easter to Mardi Gras. For us, any time is a time for a party. More to the point, any party is an excuse to get the lights out!

Let’s Have Some Fun

People say that Flashing eye glasses should not be as fun as they are. After all, they are simply a pair of shapely glasses with a few flashing lights. But the fact is, they are fun. A whole bundle of fun. They say that the first thing people notice about us are our eyes - just imagine their reactions when they notice your light up party eye glasses. Our fabulous range of light up eye glasses are designed to be the talk of the party. They are tailor made for anyone looking to have a bit of fun, let their hair down, and electrify the atmosphere in dark spaces, such as night clubs. They are conversation starters, trendsetters. Even better, they can be used by anyone of all ages. Nobody is ever to old to have a bit of fun.

Whether you’re going to a party, a club, or even whether you’re going to a children’s birthday party, you will want to be going there with one purpose only - to have yourself some fun. But how do we enhance fun? What do we do when things are going slow, when people are being bores? For one thing, we can put on our flashing eye glasses. They are the perfect pick-me-up at any party, instigating a carnival atmosphere and inspiring others to join in the fun. Parties are all about bringing people together, and by letting your hair down with your light up glasses, you will be encouraging others to do the same. Everyone will want a pair, and because we at Premier Glow provide them for such low prices, you can buy in bulk to be sure that you all will have a memorable time.

Perfect For Any Celebration

Celebrations are rare things these days. What do we have to celebrate? New jobs, the birth of a child, Christmas, a wedding? Each celebration is something worth remembering, and to make the most of the occasion it is normal for us to do something memorable that is suited to the context. For example, at a wedding it is normal for us to have a few drinks and a dance. When celebrating a new job, we might hit the town. When celebrating the birth of a child, we might be more reserved and celebrate the occasion with a speech.

But on those occasions when letting yourself loose is acceptable - such as a hen night or a birthday party - you need something to add to the craziness. This is where Premier Glow comes in, your number one provider of party accessories at low prices. We provide everything from light up wands to 2014 light up eye glasses that are the perfect accompaniment on your crazy nights out. We are the guys who create the dazzling accessories that create treasured memories on your photographs. We created products that instigate and affirm silliness, laughter and friendship. Moreover, we take pride in creating special products for certain special occasions and causes for celebration - such as New Years Eve.

Our 2014 light up eye glasses are specially made to commemorate a special moment. For anyone who believe that a new year is a time for celebration, a time for getting together with your friends and sharing the moment, our specially designed glasses are here to add an extra touch of fun to your night. They help you to make the most of the moment, to do something different, and to bring in the New Year in bright, glowing style. They encourage you and others to let yourselves go, to take pictures to celebrate the moment, and to get the party rocking.

In addition to our 2014 light up eye glasses, we also have an array of treats for other occasions, including Halloween. We also have quirkily designed ‘Martini’ eye glasses, as well as ‘dollar sign’ eye glasses. In short, we make it our remit to create something fantastical for all occasions. Each product is made with great care and designed out of love. They come with a range of different lighting setups, and feature different colours, including blue, red, green and a multi-colour option. We want you to make the most of the moment, and to do it in style.

Will I look good in them, though?

In short, anyone can wear our light up eye glasses. Fun does not discriminate; all of us, young or old are entitled to have fun and to enjoy life when it offers a ray of sunshine. Whether you are going to a child’s birthday party, your mate’s thirtieth birthday, or whether you are going to your grandmother’s seventieth, all of us should be able to unashamedly wear party eye glasses and embrace the moment. Because we at Premier Glow provide products that seek to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Just like anyone looks good in a pair of sunglasses, anyone will look great in a pair of our flashing eye glasses - they will certainly look like they’re having the time of their life. Let’s get one thing straight; you wouldn’t necessarily wear light up party glasses to look cool, composed and level-headed. These are designed for people who are prepared to let their hair down, to have a wild, jolly time - and everyone is entitled to do this. We provide the platform, the embellishments for those who don’t care what more conservative people might think. We want you to have fun and enjoy the moment.

With that said, there is no reason you can’t look cool and rocking in our guitar flashing glasses, designed to make you feel like the next rock star. We also have light up shutter shades which are perfect for raves in intense, pitch-black clubs - they compliment the club lights, and they are perfectly suited to the dance scenes environment. We also provide more simple products, such as red white blue flashing sun glasses that are just perfect for those hot summer nights spent in the garden or at a music festival.

When Should I Wear Them?

It’s a simple question that is easy to answer. Our LED light up party glasses, just like all our products, are not designed for everyday life. Rather, we like to focus on the fun times, the memorable occasions. Our wickedly deigned party glasses can be used for, but are definitely not limited to:

    •       Birthday parties

    •        Hen-parties and stag do’s

    •        Nights on the town

    •        Halloween parties

    •        Costume parties

    •        Children’s birthday parties

They are by nature a group thing; when you and your friends are going out to have a good time, it is sometimes natural to get a bit raucous. And anyway, since when did simply going out for a quiet drink in simple attire have to be the order of the day all the time? When we go out with our friends, we should want to have a good time, and you can make it even more memorable by purchasing a wealth of assorted light up eye glasses that come with various colours and light modes. The lights flicker, the colours change - the fun you can have is never ending!

The great thing about them is that they are not strictly limited to adults either. They can be enjoyed by all, young and old, at all kinds of events and occasions. Children can wear them at their birthday parties, with the older people joining in. They can be used at any occasion worth partying for, and you can even wear them to make the seemingly mundane more fun, such as bowling or night golf. Just think about it; when you’re going out with your friends to somewhere light hearted, why not jazz things up with pairs of light up eye glasses? There is no reason not to!

Moreover, if you are planning a party, we aim to be your go-to online retailer. We don’t just sell light up eye glasses - we sell a wide array of fun-filled accessories that are designed to give you ideas on how to plan your next party.

Perfect For Fancy Dress

Fancy dress parties allow us the chance to let our hair down, to have some fun with our friends, and to generally have a good laugh without worrying about how silly we look. Our costumes can be as wild as we want. We can be creative, imaginative and inventive. Premier Glow provides party accessories that top off your costumes, including flashing wands, flashing beer mugs - and flashing light up eye glasses costumes.

Whatever themed fancy dress party you’re going to, we make an effort to have something for you. Whether you’re going to a rock star themed party, a devils and angels themed party, or a Halloween party, our wicked party eye glasses are designed to help you rock your look, to help you stand out from the crowd, and to light up your party. We could go down the route of regular old party glasses, but where is the fun in that?! Ours light up, a sure fire way of stirring up interest, attracting conversation and encouraging others to join you in putting them on. As you will soon realize, a fancy dress party is no fun without lights.

But am I buying quality?

Everything we stock and do at Premier Glow is done out of a passion for what we are doing. Our products are a guarantee of quality, and we have worked hard over the years to be the online retailer that people who are looking to enhance their entertainment go to. We provide products that cater to a variety of fun-filled occasions, from night golf to costume parties, and we make it our remit to put customer satisfaction at the heart of the matters. After all, we love having fun as much as you do, therefore we understand how important is is that you are able to buy products that are designed to last.

Our website is jam packed with an array of ideas, gifts, and accessories that aim to please, to enhance, and bring joy and laughter to all who use them. Whether you are a party planner looking for ideas, or whether you are simply hitting the town with your friends, we have something for everyone. Visit our website today to find out more about what we can do for you.


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