Light Up Toys for Kids – Discover How They Benefit Children and Why All Kids Love Them

See the world through a child’s eyes and you’ll quickly understand why light up toys are so thrilling to them. Perhaps you can think back to a time when you first saw a glowing Christmas tree filled with blinking colored lights. It was mesmerizing and held your interest like no other simple plaything could at the time.

These days there are toys and playthings that light up to thrill every child, from a newborn baby to the grown-up child within you.  Children of all ages are attracted to toys with lights, and those toys are fun, interactive, and beneficial in many cases, too.  In fact, some of today’s light up toys for kids are used in special education classes and for children at home with special needs.

Toys that light up provide visual stimulation and feedback for children who have impaired vision or some educational issues. Of course, this stimulation and feedback does something similarly helpful even for those children who have perfect vision.

Light up toys and games give kids of any age a multi-sensory experience. If the toy lights up and plays music, spins or vibrates, the experience is even more engaging to the child. But when a toy lights up in certain parts of it because a child has touched a specific key or button, that child learns a little bit about cause and effect.  The child then has to think about what he or she has done to make that light go on and tries to repeat the experience.

Toys that have lights can have an educational component to them and that’s fantastic. Newborns often have gadgets attached to their cribs that will light up stars or other pictures onto their ceiling as music is played in order to lull them to sleep or to keep them entertained. This relaxes the baby and introduces him to new sights, tracking his visual acuity. Older children have toys available to them that offer up cause and effect lighting, making each light a thrill when he gets it right.

 Not all toys with lights on them are strictly for educational purposes, however.  Many of them are just plain old fun for kids.  There are bubble machines or toy bubble guns that blow out bubbles with crazy multi-colored lights emanating from it as the hues spin around. Bracelets and other types of jewelry that glow in the dark are a particular favorite of many girls. They also allow our children to be clearly seen in the dark, coming in very handy on nights such as Halloween, when the kids are running around from house to house down darkened streets and sidewalks.

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