Light Up Toys

Light Up Toys – See How They’re More Than Just ‘Toys’ and How These Glowing Items Can Brighten Anyone’s Life!

When you think about the word ‘toys’, chances are you’re not exactly thinking of lights. Yet toys and other items that have light capability are all the rage right now. If you’ve seen the children’s movie Frozen, then you will realize just how popular glowing lights have become. A doll made in the likeness of a character from the movie comes equipped with a dress that lights up as the character sings the film’s most famous song.  Her necklace even lights up!  Items that glow and illuminate with color are eye-catching to both children and adults. Some colorful products have all types of spinning, flashing or glowing lights that both attract us and can keep us interested for hours.

 When it comes to light up toys, there are hundreds of items to choose from. Some of them are light up toys for kids while others are clearly adult-themed, such as light up shot glasses. Light up toys for the holidays will add some panache and spice to your Christmas morning excitement; there are also holiday decorations and party items that light up your holiday or party event.

 Imagine the faces of your children as they’re being presented with spinning light up toys!  And the LED light up toys are safe to use and play with because they never get hot or burn the skin. These are not lights like incandescent bulbs that warm up!  Batteries for light up toys are not always necessary, though for some items, they are.  This isn’t a problem, though, because the batteries needed to relight your toys are fairly inexpensive and easy to find.

 Some Light Up Toys Are Educational and Helpful to Children

 Your infant is crying in his crib but it’s time for sleep. You’re sure he’s not hungry, is not in pain, and hasn’t been neglected at all in any way all day. In fact, you’ve played with your child so much that you now need a nap!  It’s time to turn on a soothing light projection toy.  This is an actual miniature projector that attaches to a child’s crib. When turned on, it projects lighted objects onto the wall and ceiling for the baby to look at and be lulled back to the sleep he needs. Sometimes music, soft and soothing, will be played along with the light show.

 There are other soothing toys for very young children that include lights that glow.  These toys do not only have a rainbow of colors that will lull a child to sleep. Some of these toys also work to stimulate a baby’s visual skills at the same time.  Children as young as newborns and up enjoy toys that give clear and direct effects such as lights, sound or movement.

Scientists have found that children with special needs can use light up toys to enhance their develop. Toys with lights give children visual feedback, whether the child has vision issues or not. The toys also provide much-needed stimulation, giving children a multi-sensory experience.  Toys with color patterns that change, spin and even vibrate enable children to interact with the toy and feel stimulated in their enjoyment and involvement.

 Studies have shown that when children play with toys that light up when they touch a certain nearly-hidden part of the toy, it enhances their ability to change their own behavior based upon prior experience. They make discoveries and find out about cause and effect, a very important lesson for young children to learn. Toys that glow in the dark or light up also encourage concentration. Deciding which button to push in order to make the toy light up makes a child focus in order to receive his or her lighting reward!

 Toys That Light Up and the Children That Love Them

Older children are the ones who love toys that light up enough to seek them out in the toy stores or supermarkets and ask mom or dad to buy them. There are all sorts of toys with lights that add that extra oomph to playing a game.  Let’s take toy guns as an example. 

There are the original plastic toy guns that just make a clicking noise or your child has to say, “Bang!”  These are fun for playing cowboy or cowgirl in the Old West.  But let’s go futuristic now and pretend the kids are playing against space aliens. For that, they would need a type of gun that lights up like a laser.

The options are many, from light up AK47s with flashing LED lights and a laser pointer to a light up pistol that shoots bubbles. These toy guns run on batteries in order to enable the lights to work, but the batteries are usually pre-installed.  These toys will give your children hours of make-believe fun having shoot-outs on another planet with aliens, or being able to play outside with them as the sky darkens and their toys glow.

 How about a beach ball that glows in the dark?  Summertime brings fun of all types, especially watersports. If you have a pool, go to the beach, or your kids just love playing out on your lawn, they would enjoy a beach ball that actually lights up. Imagine being able to play in the pool at night with a wildly lit-up beach ball. Both children and adults will have loads of fun with this type of toy.  LED lights shine through, often in a variety of colors. Again, batteries are needed, but who cares? Replace them when they finally weaken and begin playing again with your glowing ball of fun.

 Talking about balls, you can also find puffer balls that flash with lights. They are soft enough to squeeze as they flash their rainbow of colors. Attach a string to them and use them as a bouncing yo-yo that lights up! Kids just love these types of toys because there are plenty of them to go around, enough to give to everyone to use at a party or as a party favor as they leave.

What’s a Party Without Lights?

 If you want to really make your party swing, add some lights to it. For your child’s party, you make up some party favor bags that the kids will love to receive.  There are mini pinwheels that have spinning colorful lights instead of fans that catch a finger. These types of party favor are always a big hit, especially for nighttime play. Or give away little bubble guns that flash as you blow six-inch bubbles through them.  Bubble guns can be found in all shapes and sizes. Want a fish that blows bubbles and lights up? No problem!

 Imagine the joy on your little party-goers faces as they open up their favor bags and find little helicopters or planes that light up as they are thrown into the air, then open their colorful wings as they glide back to ground. Or include musical instruments with lights. That’s right! Items such as tambourines (something any child can easily play) come equipped with flashing lights. In fact, instead of waiting to give these toys out when the party’s over, give them out during the fun, so everyone can join in and play along to their favorite songs blasting from your CD player.  The lights will coincide with the music as everyone shakes their tambourines in time to the beat.

 A party is not a party without lights, right? If your party for either adults or children is at night, definitely add light up toys and decorations to the mix.  Put a fiber optic centerpiece on each table or on the buffet table to add some elegance to your scene. Some are a glamorous white while others will change to multi-colored fun with the flip of a switch.  Another option is to use small LED candles on each table. These are little candles that look as though they have a real flame but they don’t. The flame on top is really lit up by led lights. Some of them actually flicker to make them look surprisingly realistic. They are safe to use and do not get hot. Some of these candles come in different colors and can even be submerged in water!  Drop them into a crystal bowl of water and place that as your buffet table’s centerpiece for a gorgeous party effect.

Believe it or not, you can even find flashing colored ice cubes that you can add to your guests’ drinks! These are plastic waterproof blinking ice cubes that will delight anyone and make even a drink of water a fun event.  You can also find glasses of all types, from shot glasses to tumblers, that light up, glow or flash colors.

 Lots of youngsters, especially the boys, love having light up swords at their parties. They are reminiscent of Star Wars heroes and, with the right supervision, allow children to play-fight with lights, pretend-cameras, and action!  Actually, some of those cameras may not be pretend. Adults and teens will have their cell phones out to take videos of all the fun.

Holiday Light Ups

 You can really get into holiday mode with lights. Everyone knows that the Christmas season is all about lights, both indoors and outside.  But lighting doesn’t have to stop there!

You can use lights on yourself to add to the cheer of any holiday season.  For Christmas, wear a necklace that lights up with Christmas bulbs; you’ll be a walk-around Christmas tree! 

Halloween is the real winner, though, when it comes to lighting. Children walking around to treat-or-treat need to be seen in the dark, so this type of light up wear is both fun and practical.  Here’s where those lit up light sabers can come in handy for more than their pretend fighting purposes. Carrying a flashing light saber that goes along with a child’s costume will both complete his outfit and allow him to be clearly seen on the road by drivers.  Many other Halloween costumes can bring lighting to complete and complement a scary or a glamorous get-up.

For those children dressing up as the devil, a couple of red lighted horns will put the crowning touch on that costume. A headband with two horns on top is easy to wear. In fact, this type of light up accessory can be adorned with a variety of toppings. The horns can be other colors, even crystal-like for girls who want to be a glamour devil.  Want to dress up as a punk rocker? There’s a headband that lights up to portray a punk Mohawk hairdo!  Bunny ears that light up can be fashioned onto a headband.  Any Halloween costume can be added to with the right headgear.


Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with more than just cards. Why not give roses that light up for a change.  Even the Fourth of July can and should be lit up with glory. Fireworks are fun, sure. But give your child a flashing hat to watch the fireworks with, or wear one yourself.  And get red, white and green light up toys for Cinco de Mayo. New Year’s Eve can be even more fun with those eyeglasses that light up and proclaim the new year in numbers on them. If you’re having a New Year’s Eve party, go all out and get everyone a pair of these glasses and Happy New Year party hats with small lights on them to welcome the new year. 

Jewelry To Fascinate You

Diamonds and other stones are brilliant and shiny, as are silver and gold. Imagine how much more brilliant they can be if lights were added to them. There are all sorts of jewelry pieces that glow or light up when touched given sensory stimulus. Take the rings and bracelets that change color when the temperature changes, for example. A necklace that lights up different colors according to the emotions you are feeling at that moment is something we not all want, but it’s out there.  Who wants to know when you’re embarrassed, after all? Wouldn’t your red face tell it all?  There’s even a ring that will light up when your cell phone needs your attention. The idea is that the color your ring turns will let you know what type of attention your phone is calling for. If it’s a Facebook notification, for instance, you can just glance at your ring’s color and carry on with your in-person conversation at dinner without being so annoying as to reach for your phone. No sounds interrupt you; just the color of your ring tells you what’s coming in. 

Night Sports

You can play golf in the dark with the right sports equipment that will light your way.  It’s a big thrill and lots of fun to play golf at night with glow-in-the-dark golf balls, LED golf balls and even lit up tee box markers.  Complement your nighttime golf games, beach volleyball, or just plain old catch by wearing glow bracelets or light up necklaces so you can easily be seen.  This is a big thing at some concerts, too. Young fans love to wear their glow necklaces and bracelets and wave around small glow sticks.

Get On the Lighting Bandwagon Today

Get your own lighting toys for young children to stimulate their visual growth. Don’t forget about adding some oomph to your life with light up party favors, party decorations and much, much more.  You can easily order your supply of the most innovative and up-to-date light up items by going to and looking over their vast catalog on-line. You can also give them a call at 866-661-0145.  Their low prices and enticing array of glowing items will be just what you were looking for, no matter what the occasion may be. 


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