New Light Up Toys

With containers arriving weekly, our newest light up toys are listed here.

We travel 3 months a year throughout the orient to bring you the latest in LED novelty toys from around the globe. Be the first to try out the latest in light up novelties. Don't be shy, you'll never know what will become the latest fidget spinner!

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  1. LED Magical scepter princess wand
    LED Magical Sceptre Wand
    SKU : FN755
  2. LED Black Lace Bunny Ears
    LED Black Lace Bunny Ears
    SKU : FN767
  3. LED Fingerless Fuzzy Gloves
    LED Fuzzy Fingerless Gloves
    SKU : FN768
  4. Flashing Minecraft Bubble Gun
    Flashing Minecraft Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN769
  5. Light up Unicorn Headband
    Light up Unicorn Headband
    SKU : FN770
  6. LED Gangsta Neckalce
    LED Gangsta Neckalce
    SKU : FN773
  7. LED Pixel AK47
    LED Pixel AK47
    SKU : FN774
  8. Animated LED Star Wand
    Animated LED Star Wand
    SKU : FN775
  9. Flashing Mardi Gras Disco Ball Necklace
    Flashing Mardi Gras Disco Ball Necklace
    SKU : FN777
  10. Flashing Fleur De Lis Wand
    Flashing Fleur De Lis wand
    SKU : FN778