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Night Eagle CV Timer-less LED Golf Ball

Night Eagle Light up Golf Ball

Launched in July, 2015, the Night Eagle CV LED golf ball was listed by Golf Digest as one of the best new products at the 2016 PGA merchandise show. The Night Eagle CV (continuous visibility) golf ball is timer-less, which simply means once activated the ball will stay lit until turned off.


To activate the ball wave a bright light source from any smartphone in a left to right motion about a 1/4 of an inch over the embedded sensor.  To turn the ball off, once the ball is turned on, repeat the process.light up golf ball activation



Our timer-less technology enables the golfer to drive, putt, and chip without the limitation of a timer rushing their game. There are many different types of light up golf balls for playing golf at night, but only one ball that uses the world’s first patent pending continuous visibility light activated technology. The Night Eagle CV illuminating golf ball is powered using 3 high intensity LEDs for the ultimate brightness and visibility. Designed with the professional golfer in mind for the highest performance, distance, and accuracy you would expect. Gone are the days of racing to find your glow ball before the 8-minute timer automatically turns off! The Night Eagle CV activation technology allows golfers to complete their round of golf at their own pace. Our light up ball has no internal timer and will stay illuminated until your round of golf is complete.

light up golf balls



  • - Only Timer-less LED Golf Ball
  • - Can Be Turned On & Off 
  • - 80 Compression : 4 Layer ball 
  • - Surlyn Cover Official Weight and Size 
  • - Patent Pending Continuous Visibility Light Activation Technology 
  • - Available in: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and White



Now you don’t have to worry about replacing glow sticks, or using UV flashlights to recharge photoluminescence balls every 8 minutes. The Night Eagle continuous visibility technology will enable you to complete your round of golf in the early morning hours or at dusk without a worry in the world.

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