Night Golf Equipment - A Brief Guide #1

Night golf is on the rise. Owing to its colorful vibe, it is fast becoming one ofAmerica’s hottest leisure activities. Golf itself has been enjoyed by millions of American’s down the years, and is only increasing in popularity, with part of its appeal being down to the fact that anyone of any age can play it and enjoy it as a casual pastime. Moreover, the mega success of one ofAmerica’s favorite sporting sons, Tiger Woods, enhanced its appeal. But who would ever have thought that golf could be played at night?

Night golf equipment, as provided by PremierGlow, provides fun for all the family, and night golf is a sport now played by people looking for a bit of light entertainment after a long day at work, people who love nothing more than watching the dazzling effects of a glowing golf ball as it cuts through the night sky. It is also being enjoyed more and more by enthusiasts who partake in night golf tournaments. It’s just like the real thing - only at night.

But unlike ordinary golf, this particular activity requires, naturally, more equipment. Night golf equipment includes: glow sticks, LED yardage markers, night golf glow balls, LED Golf Balls and Light Up Necklaces. Each piece of equipment is designed to not only be functional, but also to add to the fun of the occasion. After all, a night golf party is not a party without a bit of glow. Here is a look at some of the most popular products.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks have a long association with the rave music scene. Ravers, particularly at the boom of the dance club scene in the nineties, would take glow sticks to darkened clubs to add to the party atmosphere. Night golf is no different, and glow sticks have joined our party. Because this activity can be enjoyed for special occasions, such as birthday parties, glow sticks bring a whole lot of fun to the proceedings. They also retain a functional aspect, and can be used to light up the tee, helping to guide the golfers along their way.

Glowing Night Golf Balls

Night golf cannot be played without a glowing golf ball - naturally! Pro Glo Night Golf Balls, as provided by PremierGlow, are not much different to the real thing in terms of their quality and how they hit, and not only are they made with great professionalism, but they also come in a variety of glowing colors that means you can differentiate one player’s ball from another. These balls can be purchased in bulk at a very low price.

Tee Markers 

Glowing tee markers have an excellent functional aspect - they help you to find the tee! But the ones used by night golfers are a little bit more special than ordinary tee markers. They light up to bring some color and vibrancy to your night golf experience, and they have the ability to perform a variety of different lighting function, giving them an aesthetic, fun quality that gives your night golf experience an injection of frivolity. Powered by batteries, they come at very low prices, meaning you can buy in bulk to use one for each hole.

Premier Glow is your number one provider of night golf supplies. We provide quality equipment at affordable, competitive prices, with fun and customer satisfaction being our ultimate remit. Visit our website today to find out more about how you can enjoy a special, fun-filled evening of night golf with the best products.


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