Night Golf Tournament Supplies - What You’ll Need And Why #2

Night golf tournaments are in some ways vastly different to ordinary golf tournaments, and in other ways similar. The principles of the sport are the same, as are the rules, and even, perhaps, the amount of players taking part. Indeed, night golf tournaments test the golfers as much as ordinary tournaments do - if not more so. There is no denying that the quality of the glow balls differs slightly to ordinary golf balls, and for this reason a lot of night golf tournament courses are shorter than ordinary tournament courses. This is often because the glow ball doesn’t hit as far as an ordinary golf ball. But the biggest difference between the two is that most people who have tried night golf will probably admit to having a lot more fun.

So what night golf tournament supplies will I need?

The first thing to remember when arranging a night golf tournament is that you will need a lot of everything. Each player will need at least 2 night golf blow balls - perhaps more. In addition, you will need several glow in the dark tee markers to help not only make the experience more professional (the lighted tee marker’s will help to guide the golfers and pinpoint where the holes are), but also to bring some light and color to the proceedings.

LED Yardage Markers help you to outline the fairways and greens, providing marker points and helping to make the night golf tournament experience more professional. Like all night golf supplies, though, LED Yardage Markers also have an aesthetic, as well as a fun-filled quality, as they help to light up the courses, bringing an array of vibrancy to the proceedings. The dazzling effect these glowing markers create is akin to a firework display, and they bring mesmerizing colors and lights that really enhance the night golf tournament experience.

Additionally, you can also add some color and life to the atmosphere by purchasing glow sticks. Again, the glow sticks are known for their functional as well as their fun aspect, and they can be used to enhance the lighting of the courses, as well as by any fans watching. They provide color, vibrancy, and an edge and a dynamism to any night golf experience.

A night golf tournament experience is probably going to be a lot different to a few games of night golf played out for a bit of fun by a small group of friends. The sheer quantity of supplies the participants will need to get them through a tournament will, generally, be a lot more. We at Premier Glow realize this and offer our customers the opportunity to buy in bulk at extremely competitive prices. Visit our website to find out more.


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