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Night Golf Glow Products and Accessories

Our night golf products make it possible to enjoy golf without daylight! Now, a round of golf can go on long after the sun goes down and everyone can enjoy a fresh and exciting variation. Extend your golf courses revenue-generating hours by adding glow golf, as well as introduce new fans to a unique nighttime experience.
  • golf balls

    Browse the largest selection of LED, Ultra Violet (UV), & Glow Stick golf balls on the market. Our assortment of night golf balls covers every type of golfer, event and budget, from cosmic driving ranges and miniature golf courses to the back nine of your local club.

  • all night golf supplies & Targets

    Our variety of night golf supplies is unsurpassed in the industry. From interactive driving range targets, LED flag sticks to light up miniature golf pins we are equipped to handle all your night golf supplies. Don't look any further get started decking out your course today.

  • tournament packages

    Need help finding the perfect supplies for your event? We have developed packages for one hole challenges to nine hole tournaments to take the burden off of you. Want something a little more customized? Create your own package with our night golf package configurator.

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  1. 6" Glow Sticks
    6" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 6GSIW
  2. 12" Glow Sticks
    12" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 12GSIW
  3. 4" Glow Sticks
    4" Glow Sticks
    SKU : 4GSIW
  4. Red White Blue Glow Necklaces  (50/pcs)
    Red White Blue Glow Necklaces
    SKU : 2GNRWB
  5. Mardi Gras Glow Necklaces (50/pcs)
    Mardi Gras Glow Necklaces
    SKU : 2GNGPY
  6. Glow Necklaces Blue (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Blue
    SKU : 2GNB
  7. Glow Necklaces Green (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Green
    SKU : 2GNG
  8. Glow Necklaces Assorted
    Glow Necklaces Assorted
    SKU : 2GNM
  9. Glow Necklaces Orange (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Orange
    SKU : 2GNO
  10. Glow Necklaces Pink (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Pink
    SKU : 2GNPi
  11. Glow Necklaces Purple (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Purple
    SKU : 2GNPu
  12. Glow Necklaces Red (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Red
    SKU : 2GNR
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Items 25-36 of 49

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