LED Toys

LED toys put a smile on your child's face with mesmerizing flashing patterns from anyone of our amazing toys.

Our selection of affordable novelty toys is unsurpassed and sure to bring enjoyment to the young at heart. Swords, wands, and toy guns make wonderful party favors. LED toys are sure to excite children at any age, check back often to see our growing selection.

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  1. Flashing Foam Wand
    Flashing Foam Wand
    SKU : FN462
  2. Flashing Star Wand /w Ball
    Flashing Star Wand /w Ball
    SKU : FN489
  3. Flashing Space Gun
    Flashing Space Gun
    SKU : FN493
  4. Flashing Revolver Gun
    Flashing Revolver Gun
    SKU : FN514
  5. Light up Ninja Foam Sword
    Light up Ninja Foam Sword
    SKU : FN516
  6. Flashing AK47 Gun
    Flashing AK47 Toy Gun
    SKU : FN525
  7. Light up Mini Star Sword
    Light up Mini Star Sword
    SKU : FN526
  8. FN559
    Flashing Ninja Sword
    SKU : FN559
  9. Led Pinwheel Gun
    Led Pinwheel Gun
    SKU : FN560
  10. 42" Light-up Double Saber Sword with Sound
    42" Light-up Double Pirate Sword with Sound
    SKU : FN580