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Our selection of light up toys fit practically any type of gathering, holiday or event.

Whether you’re pretending to be a space knight or a fairy princess — or just trying to look like one — nothing says “fun” like light-up toys. Kids of all ages will get a kick out of our extensive line of flashing, blinking, sparkling and glowing toys and accessories.

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  1. Light Up Mardi Gra Necklaces (Pu/G/Y)
    Light Up Necklaces (Pu/G/Y)
    SKU : FN485
  2. Flashing Star Wand /w Ball
    Flashing Star Wand /w Ball
    SKU : FN489
  3. Flashing Space Gun
    Flashing Space Gun
    SKU : FN493
  4. Light up spike Mohawk
    Light up Punk Mohawk
    SKU : FN496
  5. Light up Horse Lanyard Necklace
    Light up Horse Lanyard Necklace
    SKU : FN506
  6. Flashing Whisky / Rocks Glass
    Flashing Whiskey / Rocks Glass
    SKU : FN509
  7. Flashing Mojito Glass
    Flashing Mojito Glass (9oz)
    SKU : FN510
  8. Bulk Bubble Refill
    Bulk Bubble Refill (2 Gallons)
    SKU : RF2L
  9. Light up Spike Bracelet
    Light up Spike Bracelet
    SKU : FN513
  10. Flashing Revolver Gun
    Flashing Revolver Gun
    SKU : FN514
  11. Light up Ninja Foam Sword
    Light up Ninja Foam Sword
    SKU : FN516