Light up Hawaiian Toys

Aloha from the flashing toy capital - complete with all your Hawaiian theme needs!

Make sure you are seen at the next luau with our selection of flashing Hawaiian leis, light up massive beach balls, flower headbands and a LED cup to hold your Mai Tai. Your next Hawaiian themed event will the party to remember!

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  1. Flashing Drinking Cup
    Light up Pilsner Glass
    SKU : FN210
  2. Light up Margarita Glass
    Light up Margarita Glass
    SKU : FN217
  3. Light up Inflatable Beach Ball (32 in)
    Light up Inflatable Beach Ball (32 in)
    SKU : FN633
  4. LED Flower Headband
    Light up Flower Crown
    SKU : FN706
  5. LED Rosebud Flower Crown Headband
    LED Rosebud Flower Crown Headband
    SKU : FN765
  6. Flashing Pink Flamingo Sword
    Flashing Pink Flamingo Sword
    SKU : FN831
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