Ultraviolet Light Uses

Ultraviolet Light Uses – Discover What UV Light Is and the Many Ways That It Can Brighten Lives

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of radiation that the human eye cannot readily see. It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible.  Its light lies past the purple range of the visible spectrum. We can’t see UV light, but some insects can see it.  The fact that UV light is a type of radiation is nothing to be concerned about when you’re correctly exposed to it.   Radiation is a type of radiated energy that have become a part of our everyday lives. The fire burning in your fireplace radiates light as do the coals on your barbeque, and the sun in the sky.  Too much UV light from the sun, which burns very hot, can cause skin damage, so it’s best to block those rays out with proper sunscreen lotions.

There are plenty of ultraviolet light uses  that you enjoy in your everyday life and others that you might not yet be aware of.   UV lights are used in glow sticks, which are toys and accessories used by children and adults.  You or your children have probably used glow sticks during Halloween or at other times of the year to decorate your home or make fun jewelry.

Think about ultraviolet light bulbs.  Did you know that an ultraviolet light bulb can be used as a type of replacement for sunlight?  These bulbs are used in tanning salons. They emit UVA light, which is close to the visible light spectrum. The light will turn your skin darker and if left unchecked for too long, will burn the skin.  UVA bulbs are also used as insect traps, as they attract the insects to the light and then burn them. UVA bulbs can also be used as testing items, for certain stage effects, for blacklights, and as phototherapy for those needing sunlight as a treatment for depression. The UV blacklights are used to heat reptiles that you keep as pets in the home.

Certain UV bulbs are also used as germicides, like the ones that are now available to sanitize your toothbrushes!  But this type of lighting can be used for even more serious reasons. Ultraviolet light is great as a sterilizing agent to fight off infection. Ultraviolet blood irradiation involves a medical procedure where a small amount of blood is taken from a person’s body, activated with UV light, and returned to the body to improve the immune system, blood recirculation, reduce tissue pain, and other medical uses.

Ultraviolet light used to make glow sticks activate and light up are safe and non-toxic, and have been used for many years to engage people in a variety of ways. Why not have fun with UV light, too, in the form of glow sticks that can brighten up your party, your holidays, and your children’s lives? Visit www.premierglow.com to see the huge selection of items and give us a call at 866-661-0145 to place your order today!


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