wedding confetti cannons


 A wedding is a very meaningful and scared word, with an even more important place and significance in a person’s life.  A wedding is an event that brings two individuals together in the holy and scared bond of togetherness and indeed a very big reason to celebrate a great union of two people in love and their decision to share the rest of their life together.  So what is it that people do to celebrate this great event?  In order to share this momentous occasion with friends and loved ones people generally host a wedding reception.  When people hear about a wedding reception, the first thing what comes to mind is enormous task of planning and organizing the whole event.  Whether one decides to leave all of this to a wedding planner or whether the couple and the family members decide to undertake this all by themselves, there is one thing that has to be on the list that adds a very special touch to the wedding.  This is where our website comes through as a great help, offering one very important product called wedding confetti cannons.

 These wedding confetti cannons are available in a romantic rose petal confetti shape and the cannons are available in two different sizes:  16 inches and 24 inches.  With these special popping confetti cannons, the guests at the wedding can shower the bride and the groom as they walk past them.  When sprung open, these wedding confetti cannons shower the couple with unique shaped rose petal confetti.  The cannons have a great launching capacity and they look spectacular as they fall on the newly wedded pair.  It’s a very special and breathtaking moment as the beautiful bride walks with her Prince Charming, her knight in shining amour who has stolen her heart away but promised to be with her always.  A very special moment takes place after the couple have been declared man and wife and you can add on to that moment by showering the bride and the groom with stunning rose petal confetti that have been released from wedding confetti cannons along.

 Wedding confetti cannons are available on our website at a very reasonable and accessible price.  This necessary item will not put in a huge dent in your budget.  Clients can visit the webpage and select the size of wedding confetti cannons that they wish to order and then make a payment online for their purchase.  This saves a lot of time, as the wedding organizer can dedicate more time to other arrangements rather than dealing with traffic and going shopping for wedding confetti cannons in malls and shops and waiting in long lines at the cash counter to pay for them.

 Each wedding confetti cannon is preloaded with rose petal confetti that is powered with a special spring and CO2 that enables the user to launch the confetti to great height and as the confetti falls to the ground, a magical, mesmerizing and heartwarming sensation simply takes your breath away.  It is important to remember that these disposable confetti cannons are only for a one time single use.  Therefore, if you want to see the newly wedded couple being showered with a lot of confetti, it would be wise to purchase many of these cannons and allow your special guests to have the honor of launching these over the couple.  Your wedding guests will find that the wedding confetti cannons are very easy to use and can be handled by adults and children as well.  


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