Blinking Toys—What are They and Why are They so Appealing?

We can all remember the excitement we felt as children walking through the toy store or down the toy isle at the local shopping center.  There were so many amazing things to play with—it was pretty overwhelming.  You couldn’t stop yourself from reaching out and pressing buttons, trying every day you could—much to your parents chagrin.  Each toy was designed to stand out more than the next and get us begging mom and dad to please, please buy it.  And out of all the tricks to catch our eyes, none was more effective than flashy, blinky lights. 

Blinking toys are eye catching, mesmerizing, and all together special.  Even as adults, something that lights up delights us.  In college, we adorned our dorm rooms with LED blinking lights and could hardly resist the appeal of a neon lamp.  Even now, is it really a party without some glow sticks?

No, no it is not.

However, blinking and light up items are not just simple sources of fun.  Their function goes far beyond play and party time.  Everyone should have multiple safety and disaster kits on hand—in several areas of your home, in your car, and at work.  A safety and disaster kit simply isn’t complete without low or no heat sources of light. 

You can get toys with blinky lights wholesale at excellent prices.  But before you run off to purchase some, you might want to learn more about these items: what they are, how they work, and how they are used.  Read on to find out more.

What are Blinking/Light Up Toys?

Essentially, blinking light toys are items which light up without emitting any heat or minimal heat.  This makes them safe to use around children, perfect for emergency situations, and simple to store.  These toys are designed to catch the eye of any child or adult and lend themselves well to creative play.  In general, these items are fairly abstract and simple, encouraging children to use their imaginations and inspiring child-like exuberance in adults.  They are perfect for use after sunset, rainy day play indoors, and for parties of all varieties. 

How do Blinking/Light Up Toys Work?

How a blinking or light up toy works will vary, depending on the toy.  In general, there are two ways these toys function: via electroluminescence or via chemilluminescence.

What is Electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence is an optical and electrical phenomenon occurring when light is emitted by a material in reaction to the passage of an electrical current.  Electroluminescent materials can be both organic and inorganic.  They key is that they respond to an electric current and emit low or no heat light.

Chances are you have plenty of items in your home which rely on electroluminescence to function.  However, you probably have never really thought about how they work, so the concept of electroluminescence is foreign to you.  What are you more familiar with? Light Emitting Diodes [LED].  As basic light emitting diode definition is that it is a two lead semi-conductor light source, functioning via electroluminescence, and producing minimal heat.  Toys functioning via LED technology are long lasting and incredibly safe.

What are Examples of Toys Using Electroluminescence?

The majority of toys which light up on demand or blink operate via the use of LED technology.  The light from these toys is often quite bright and can come in multiple different colors. These toys will require the use of a battery to provide the electric source needed to cause electroluminescence.  Some toys operating via LED are this bubble gun and this flashing double fan spinner.

What is Chemilluminescence?

Chemilluminescence is the emission of light caused by a chemical reaction.  There can be heat emitted, but the heat is minimal, making devices operating via chemilluminescence safe to use in any situation.  The benefit to items relying on chemilluminescence is that they require no batteries to operate, making them a top choice in safety and disaster kits.  However, unlike battery operated items, these only work once and the time is limited.

What are Examples of Toys Using Chemilluminescence?

Any glow stick item operates via chemilluminescence, including this glow straw and these glowing eye glasses.

What are Different Types of Blinking/Light Up Toys?

The variety of blinking and light up toys available on the market is endless.  Whatever you can dream up a desire for, you can find it for sale.  Simply contact a reputable wholesaler and explain what you are looking for; they will locate the perfect item for you in no time.

However, you might not be entirely sure of what it is that you are looking for.  In that case, you will find a few items below for children’s play, parties, and safety to inspire you in your search. 

For Children’s Play

Glow Swords

Who wasn’t fascinated by light sabers the first time they watch Star Wars?  They were one of the most fascinating things we had ever seen.  So what could be better than a glow sword?

These swords are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, including pirate swords and light sabers

Ball Spinners

Imagine attending a friend’s birthday party and getting a ball spinner in your swag bag.  You would be talking about that birthday party for weeks! 

Light Up Gloves

Light up gloves are a great source of fun at night or inside a couch cushion fort.  These add fun to a game of tag or are great for hand puppet theater.

Perfect for your Next Party

Glow Sticks

You and your guests may be a bit old for rave culture, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the aesthetic.  With foam glow sticks or any other that strikes your fancy, you can encourage your guests to let loose and have fun.

Glow Jewelry

Glow jewelry takes all the fun of glow sticks and makes it easier on your guests.  Instead of needing to hold onto the glow stick, they can wear it and keep their hands free for food and drinks.  There are many options to choose from, including these glow bracelets.

Flashing Ice Cubes

And why not take the fun to the drinks?  With flashing ice cubes, no drink will be boring again.  100% safe and 100% unique, these will be certain to make your event stand out in everyone’s mind for years to come. 

Excellent for Safety

Flashing Glow Stick Lanyard Necklace

In crowded spaces, you might need something more to catch your eye.  Whether you are making an evening visit to the amusement park or attending an after dark screening of Frozen in the park, a flashing glow stick lanyard necklace could be just what you need to keep your little one in sight. 

Twister Glow Sticks

These twister glow sticks are perfect for wrapping around items that need extra visibility.  From late night bike rides to back packs on evening hikes, these will keep anyone visible. 

How Can Blinking/Light Up Toys be Used?

In Safety and Disaster Kits

It is advisable to have several safety and disaster kits prepared and ready to be used at a moments notice.  You should have one in your car, several in your home, and one for any hiking/biking/walking you may do.  In addition to food, water, and first aid, you need a light source.  This will allow you to see in the dark and also make you visible to others, potentially saving your life.  Glow sticks and other items which operate via chemilluminescence are the best options as you do not need to worry about batteries dying.

Nighttime Outdoor Play and Exercise

When biking, walking, or running at night, you want to remain visible.  If you are on a street, it is vital that motorists be able to see you.  Even if you are not, making sure others with you can see you is still important, especially if there are any little ones with you. 

Blinking and light up toys can also add an extra element of fun to nighttime outdoor play.  Imagine the fun the kids could have running between the trees and chasing each other while wearing flashing lanyards or glowing gloves.

Nighttime Indoor Play

You do not need to be outdoors to enjoy these items.  Build a fort to play under, play tag, engage in neon hot potato, or have a glow in the dark dance party.  Really, the options are only limited by your children’s creativity. 

To Help Children Feel Secure at Night

Many children are scared to get up at night in the dark.  This can make toilet training particularly difficult.  However, having a light up toy by their bedside to carry with them can be all they need to feel more secure about using the bathroom at night.  It could speed up toilet training and build confidence in your child. 

For Parties

For kids and adults, for any holiday you might want to celebrate, there are blinking and light up toys that will make it that much more fun.  Perfect for decorating, costumes, and swag bags, these toys are the perfect finishing touch on any get together. 

As Promotional Materials

Business cards are boring and flyers never get noticed.  Even other promotional items, such as pens and lanyards, can be useful but are easy to forget.  If you are looking to build your business and make money, you need to get noticed.  What better way than blinking and light up items?  These cannot be ignored and people are guaranteed to remember the person or business who gave them the LED glass, golf ball, or glow stick. 

Teacher Rewards

Looking to motivate your students to complete a special task or keep their behavior on track?  There are plenty of small items you can purchase for your treasure chest, but none as fun and cool as blinking and light up toys.  What kid wouldn’t push him or herself a little bit more for the chance to take one home?

Recreational Diving

Diving is a fun filled activity all on its own, perfect for relaxing, exploring new things, and taking incredible photos.  What could make those photos better?  How about the addition of some glow sticks?  These are especially effective when diving at greater depths or diving at night.  Perfect for increasing visibility and for taking original photos.

Night Golf

Not everyone has the time to practice their swing during the day.  Your life is busy, but your game is still important to you.  It is how you relax and unwind.  However, during the winter months, there rarely is enough daylight to get your game in.  With the use of night golf glow items, such as glowing golf balls, LED yardage markers, and glow badges, you can play on even when the sun is down. 

Why Should you Purchase Blinking/Light Up Toys?

There are many reasons to purchase blinking/light up toys.  They can keep you safe, allow you to live your life despite the sun setting, motivate children to push themselves to work harder and be better, increase brand awareness, make incredible parties, and more.  More than anything, however, they are simply fun.  They appeal to the child in all of us and make us feel the way we did when we were younger.  What could be better than that?

Blinking and light up toys can be purchased at a variety of retail outlets.  If, however, you are looking for the best deal possible and would like to purchase wholesale, companies such as Premiere Glow are the best options for you.  Premiere Glow has the widest selection of blinking and light up toys available and is ready and willing to work with you on finding the perfect items to suit your needs. 

If you are ready to make your purchase or would like to learn more about these items, visit or call them today at 1-866-661-0145.  Their friendly staff will guide you in your purchase and get your items shipped off in as little as one business day.


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