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LED Jewelry

Jazz up your girls night out with some cool LED jewelry swag!

Our selection of light up jewelry includes a huge assortment of fun flashing necklaces, jelly rings, diamond rings, and earrings that complement any party, celebration, or outfit! Don't forget your bling on your next date night!

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  1. Flashing Feather Bracelet
    Flashing Feather Bracelet*
    SKU : FN312
    Special Price $1.00 Regular Price $3.19
  2. Flashing Shamrock Clover Rings
    Flashing Shamrock Clover Rings
    SKU : FN484
  3. Light up Spike Bracelet
    Light up Spike Bracelet
    SKU : FN513
  4. Spring Bracelet - Multi-Color
    Blinking Spring Bracelet
    SKU : FN637-MC
  5. Light up Magnetic Bracelets
    Light up Magnetic Bracelet*
    SKU : FN771
    Special Price $1.00 Regular Price $2.86
  6. Luminous LED Glasses
    Luminous LED Glasses
    SKU : FN842
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