Light up Themes

Get started creating glowing memories by adding a few glow accessories to your party!

A great party or event starts with a theme! We have the selection of LED and glow products to match wherever the night may take you. Heroes vs. Villians, princesses, and all your favorite rainbow pride toys are just a click away.

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  1. Flashing Prism Sword
    Flashing Prism Sword
    SKU : FN751
  2. LED Mardi Gras Sequin Hat
    LED Mardi Gras Sequin Cowboy Hat
    SKU : FN556-PUGY
  3. LED Unicorn Wand (16 inch)
    LED Unicorn Wand (16 inch)
    SKU : FN748-S
  4. Light Saber Sword R/B/G
    Light Saber Sword R/B/G
    SKU : FN388
  5. LED Magical scepter princess wand
    LED Magical Sceptre Wand
    SKU : FN755
  6. LED Pixel AK47
    LED Pixel AK47
    SKU : FN774
  7. LED Snowflake Bubble Sword
    LED Snowflake Bubble Sword
    SKU : FN870
  8. Light up Mask
    Light up Skull Mask
    SKU : FN674
  9. LED Gangsta Neckalce
    LED Gangsta Neckalce
    SKU : FN773
    Special Price $2.50 Regular Price $5.73
  10. LED Unicorn Sword
    LED Unicorn Sword
    SKU : FN757